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The Bright Side: TONIGHT, Jackbox Games Raises Money for COVID Relief with Celebrity Jackbox Games Stream

While you certainly can’t count on the government to help first responders, essential workers and charities trying to help the people most affected by the pandemic, one great thing we’re […]

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Preview: Wizard World Chicago Hits Rosemont Thursday–Here’s What’s to See and Do

Wizard World Chicago is already upon us! Just a few short days after Bit Bash, Chicago’s amazing alternative games festival, the four day behemoth of pop culture is set to […]

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Review: White Reaper Highlights Chicago’s Young Music Scene at Metro

Whether they knew it or not, all that made it out to Metro on this past Tuesday were in for a treat. Presented by 101WKQX, the historic North-side space presented […]

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TV Review: The Upside Down Invades Hawkins in Stranger Things 2

Warning: Major spoilers ahead! You should probably only read this if you’ve already finished the season or if you love to spoil things for yourself. There can be only one […]

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Preview: Wizard World Chicago 2017 Lands Thursday

It’s that time again! Wizard World Chicago is just around the corner, with its first of four days of comics, games, cosplay and celebrities beginning Thursday in Rosemont. You may […]

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C2E2 2017 – A C2Review

Well, it’s been a busy weekend for us at Third Coast, and our feet have felt better. But this year’s C2E2 was packed with awesome stuff, and we’re glad we […]

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