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Protests Erupt In South Shore After Police Shoot and Kill Neighborhood Barber

Protests erupted in the South Shore neighborhood on the city’s south-side over the weekend after Chicago Police shot and killed a 37 year-old barber. Harith Augustus, a father of one and barber at Sideline Studio Barber & Beauty Salon was shot and killed after a group of police stopped him on the sidewalk. Police say they stopped him because he was “exhibiting characteristics of an armed person,” and body camera footage shows Augustus had a gun tucked into his waistband. Augustus had a valid permit for the weapon, but allegedly did not have a conceal and carry permit. The short clip, released by police over the weekend after hundreds gathered in the community for several days to protest the shooting, does not contain audio and doesn’t show clearly why the man was stopped in the first place. (ABC7)

Felony Hate Crime Charges Filed Against Man For Harassing Woman Over T-Shirt

Felony hate crime charges were filed this week against a man who harassed a woman for wearing a t-shirt with a Puerto Rican flag on it while a Forest Preserve police officer stood by and watched. Timothy G. Trybus was captured on video asking the woman “why is she wearing that shit,” and demanding she “prove” her citizenship, despite Puerto Rico being a U.S. territory and residents of the island being granted citizenship in 1917. The woman asked a nearby officer for assistance, but the officer simply walked away from the scene, allowing Trybus to continue his tirade. The officer has since resigned. Trybus faces two felony hate crime charges. (Sun-Times)

Internal Polling Shows Rahm Emanuel Vulnerable in 2019

Early internal campaign polls in the upcoming 2019 Chicago mayoral election show incumbent Rahm Emanuel is vulnerable, making another runoff similar to the 2014 election possible. A survey of 800 voters conducted in April for challenger Lori Lightfoot showed that just 31 percent of people said they would vote to reelect Emanuel, with 62 percent saying in a separate question they’d like to try another candidate, without mentioning a specific one. While the mayor’s office dismissed the poll and released its own numbers, those still have Emanuel under 50 percent, with 43 percent of respondents saying they’d vote for a third term for the mayor, and a 45 percent job approval rating. There are currently 10 candidates vying for the top spot in City Hall. (WGN) (Sun-Times)

VP Mike Pence to Visit Rosemont Friday for Roskam Campaign Event

Vice President Mike Pence will be in the Chicago suburbs Friday to speak at a fundraiser for Rep. Peter Roskam and promote Trump’s tax agenda, and will be introduced by Governor Bruce Rauner. The event, which is open to the public, will take place at the Westin O’Hare in Rosemont, beginning at 12:30pm. A protest outside the hotel is also scheduled to begin at 10:30am, when doors open. Governor Rauner met with Pence last month while he was in Washington, D.C. awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on Janus vs. AFSCME. A spokesperson for J.B. Pritzker, Rauner’s Democratic rival in the gubernatorial race, criticized the governor for “cozying up” to the Trump administration. “If Mike Pence is turning to Bruce Rauner for lessons in damage control, the GOP must have given up all hope in Illinois,” said Pritzker campaign spokesman Jason Rubin. “While Rauner ranges from Trump’s silent partner to his proud, vocal supporter, campaigning with Trump’s VP brings their alliance to new heights.” (Sun-Times)

Viral Video of Police Harassment Prompts Investigation

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability says it’s investigating an incident where a Chicago police officer was captured on video using profane and threatening language in an interaction with two young men. “I kill motherfuckers,” says the officer at one point just before he’s asked if he attempted to hit the person filming with his car. Despite filming police while they’re on duty being a perfectly legal action in Illinois, the officer tells the person filming they need “two party consent” and at one point threatens to arrest the person for “walking in the street.” “This kind of behavior is not what is expected of Department members and is in contrast to the hard work we have done and continue to do to rebuild trust with the communities we serve,” Chicago Police said in a statement (NBC5)

Chicago Police Shoot Teenage Boy on South Side

Chicago Police shot and seriously wounded a 17 year-old boy Monday night on the city’s South Side. Police allege that Kevon Purell approached an officer’s vehicle that was parked at a Family Dollar store near 79th and Yates around 9:30pm and pointed a handgun at him. The officer fired, wounding Purell, who was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center in serious condition. “Officer was able to retrieve his weapon & shoot the assailant who is currently in serious condition at local hospital. Weapon recovered,” tweeted CPD police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi. Purell’s mother, Irma Burrage, was stunned at the accusation and the shooting. “He was going to get something to eat,” she said. “It doesn’t make sense…Who would do that? It’s suicide.” (Chicago Tribune)

LeGrier Family Will Receive No Damages In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of Quintonio LeGrier will not receive any of the $1.05 million in damages a jury awarded in a wrongful death trial. A Cook County judge overturned the jury’s decision to award the family of LeGrier, who was shot and killed by Chicago Police alongside Bettie Jones when they were responding to a mental health call LeGrier’s father made, after a jury answered “yes” to a special question about the use of deadly force. All twelve jurors answered “yes” when asked if Officer Robert Rialmo, who shot and killed LeGrier, “reasonably believe(d) that such force was necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or his partner,” which wiped away all damages the family was supposed to receive. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Protests Calling for the Abolition of ICE, End to Family Detentions Scheduled for Friday and Saturday

At least two protests against the incarceration and deportation of immigrants are scheduled for the weekend in Chicago. On Friday, demonstrators are expected to rally in Harrison Park in the Pilsen neighborhood and later march to Cook County Jail for a vigil. About a dozen community groups including the Pilsen Alliance, 12th and 25th Ward IPO, the Chicago DSA, and Black Youth Project 100 are sponsoring the event, which will begin in the park on Friday at 5:30 P.M. Thousands are also expected to attend a rally and march beginning at the Daley Center downtown at 11:00 A.M. on Saturday. The action, called “Families Belong Together,” is one of hundreds occurring simultaneously across the country to call on the Trump administration to end both child separation at the border, reunite families, and end the detention of immigrant families at the border.

Supreme Court Rules On Janus Vs AFSCME

The U.S. Supreme Court handed Governor Bruce Rauner and Republicans at large a huge victory Wednesday when it ruled that public sector employees can opt out of paying union dues, despite receiving the benefits of being part of a union. Rauner hailed the ruling as a “historic victory for freedom of speech,” but labor leaders and dissenting judges warn that it hampers union organizing and collective bargaining agreements. “Public employee unions will lose a secure source of financial support,” wrote Justice Elena Kagan. “State and local governments that thought fair-share provisions furthered their interests will need to find new ways of managing their workforces.” (Chicago Tribune)

Sen. Tammy Duckworth Introduces Bill Meant To Curb Immigrant Family Detentions

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) joined 8 of her colleagues in introducing the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act, a companion bill to a proposal introduced in the House in October meant to reduce family detentions of immigrants and improve conditions in detention centers. “It is unacceptable that not only has the Trump administration spent weeks ripping children away from their parents, but they have also forced children and families into inhumane and shameful detention camps,” said Duckworth in a press release. “Our bill will hold the Department of Homeland Security accountable and ensure immigrant and refugee families are treated humanely and no longer torn apart or indefinitely detained.” The bill restricts family detentions and prevents the government from expanding resources to detain immigrants “except in instances where immigrants pose a flight risk or a risk to public safety.” It also requires the DHS Office of the Inspector General to conduct yearly, unannounced inspections of facilities, investigate deaths inside them, and terminates contracts with private prisons and local jails.