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Third Coast Review is only as vibrant as our eclectic, enthusiastic stable of contributors, and we’re looking to add to our ranks!

As an outlet covering all things arts and culture in Chicago and beyond, Third Coast Review is always seeking new voices to write critical reviews, essays, features and interviews on the visual arts, film, food, music, theater and more happening all over the city and Chicagoland area. Learn more about each section below, as well as how to add your byline to Third Coast Review.

Art & Museums

From the latest special exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago to the galleries, pop-ups and expos that happen in every neighborhood around town, Art & Museum writers are tapped into the visual arts at every level. Explore and review a new show in the West Loop, interview the city’s up-and-coming artists and be the first to experience immersive new shows.


Third Coast Review is all things arts and culture in Chicago, but we’re also so much more. Our Beyond section is perfect for writers tapped into culture outside the city limits, from the suburbs to the coasts. It’s also the perfect home for culture that expands our understanding of the arts and how we define it.


Chicago is a foodie’s dream town, and we want to explore all the culture and art involved in the food and beverage scene around the city. From themed cocktail experience pop-ups to the hottest new restaurants, from the undiscovered gems to what you’re cooking at home, the Food section is perfect for someone who breathes, sleeps and most importantly eats all things Chicago.

Games & Tech

If you’re on the cutting edge of all things gaming, or always trying the latest new tech, Third Coast Review would love to host your opinions, reviews and recommendations. Whatever your platform, whichever OS you prefer, tell us about it—and tell our readers, too.


Chicago’s literary scene is vibrant and vast, and if you’re a voracious reader, share your thoughts on our pages. Book reviews, as well as coverage of author events, lecture and essays are all welcome, particularly those that relate back to the Windy City.


Do you know Thalia Hall’s performance schedule by heart? Always listening to the latest tracks on Bandcamp? You could be our newest music writer, from classical works to experimental and everything in between.

Movies & Television

Everyone’s a critic, but at Third Coast Review, you really can be. Review the latest series of your favorite television show, or highlight the local productions happening all over town. Get in on the action in our Movies section.


A theater city second only to Broadway itself, experience the stage as a writer for Third Coast Review. From storefront productions by scrappy new troupes to the most esteemed premieres bowing in Chicago, join our stages team and discover all that the city has to offer from the best seats in the house.

How We Work

First and foremost, at Third Coast Review, we welcome all perspectives, outlooks and world views (so long as they’re not inherently harmful to others), and we particularly welcome unique and distinct voices.

Third Coast Review is, in many ways, a labor of love. At this time, writers are not compensated by article, however those who meet pre-determined criteria at the end of each year are eligible for a one-time writer’s stipend as a reflection of their contributions to the site.

Like the true culture fiends we are, writers at Third Coast Review often write for more than one section. What’s more, we’re self-starters. Regardless of the section, all writers are encouraged to initiate their own coverage plans (rather than take assignments from an editor); editors support your work through content plan approvals, event or content access (press tickets or review copies), article copy editing and publishing, and more. (Please note: our budgets don’t allow for reimbursing purchased tickets, meals or other access, though we welcome your coverage of any experience you care to share!)

If you’re interested in learning more about writing with Third Coast Review, please email Managing Editor Lisa Trifone with the subject line “[Section(s)] Writer Interest” and more details about you, including your location, background, writing areas of interest/experience, any relevant social media links, and writing samples, if available.

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