Zolla/Lieberman Gallery Presents Two Compelling Solo Exhibitions

The fall season is a busy time with numerous art openings throughout Chicago, and one of this season’s highlights are the two solo exhibitions at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery―Corinne Davis’ NO THERE there…  and Phyllis Bramson’s Opulent Flim-Flam. This is a rare opportunity to see art from two established artists who are showcasing their latest work at the same gallery.

Phyllis Bramson is a Chicago artist whose career spans four decades. She has exhibited her work at numerous galleries throughout the U.S. and has had more than 40 solo exhibitions besides countless group exhibitions.

Phyllis Bramson, Glow, 2017. Collage/mixed media on canvas. Photo courtesy of the artist.

In this solo exhibition, Bramson has twelve paintings on display and continues to integrate a sense of playfulness, dreamy narratives, romance and unbridled sensuality in her work. Her dream-like images also offer sensual and provocative musings on spiritual matters. Much has been written over the years about Bramson’s influences―Surrealism, Rococo, and Chinese Pleasure Gardens―and one sees how they still continue to inspire her.

Each one of her paintings has a vibrant feel with her use of lush colors and cartoon-like figures. Although there is a whimsical element to her work, there is also underlying tension as she explores poignant feelings about love and sex.

Lisa Corinne Davis is a Brooklyn-based artist who has exhibited in the U.S. as well as internationally. Her works are also included in major public collections such as The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Lisa Corinne Davis, Deductive Data, 2017. Oil on canvas. Photo courtesy of the artist.

In her solo exhibition, Davis has five works on display. Her paintings integrate map-like images with elements of graffiti through her use of lines and a bright color palette. Her paintings show aerial views with the use of rigid and chaotic lines that navigate across her work. Are the lines merely intersecting with one another, or are they interrupting each other’s flow, fighting for their right-of-way? These map-like works seem to portray the continuous encroachment of human civilization  and the movement of progress (for good or for worse) in various environments.

But, maybe labeling Davis’ work as merely map-like paintings is too simple of an interpretation. There is also the sense that her paintings look like slides under a microscope. Are we merely viewing pollen, fungus or some bacterial infection under intense magnification? Or perhaps we are looking at aspects of human nature―the organized chaos of one’s inner life and the world at large.

What is most impressive about these two solo exhibitions is seeing how Bramson and Davis continue to create art without repeating themselves at this stage in each of their respective careers. Their new works on display demonstrate how they continue to create new perspectives while never losing that dynamic sense of energy and playfulness.

Opulent Flim-Flam  and NO THERE there…  will run from September 8 through October 21, 2017. Zolla/Lieberman Gallery is located at 325 W. Huron Street. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:30am-5:30pm, Saturday 11am-5:30pm. For more information, contact the gallery at 312-944-1990.

Thomas Wawzenek
Thomas Wawzenek

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