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Dialogs: Chicago Humanities Festival Explores Colonial Looting, Museums and Restitution

“Colonial Looting, Museums and Restitution, a dialogue about the return of cultural objects” Purported looting by ordinary people made headlines during recent protests against institutional racism, but who are the […]

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Review: Compelling Viewpoints of Earth and Sky at Triple R Gallery

Bewteen the Steps of Muduhr

The current exhibition at Triple R Gallery—Touch the Sky and Feel the Earth—displays 26 works by photographer Kelly Manteck  and painter Evan Koby Foster. Although they work in different mediums, […]

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Review: Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop Inspires at Cleve Carney Museum of Art

Andy Warhol’s contributions to our ideas of art and culture are monumental. The commercial illustrator had a hugely successful career long before the Campbell’s soup cans but ended up not […]

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Review: Colette Wright Adams Explores the Calming Essence of Nature in Her Exhibit Harvest

Colette Wright Adams, Horizontal View #3

In the world of contemporary painting, artists often create works that are inspired by past artistic movements. One genre that has deep roots in the past but continues to inspire […]

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Review: Diverse Views of Abstract Art at the Oak Park Art League

Rhoda Bernstein, Look In Every Window

The current exhibition at the Oak Park Art League, Abstracted Abstractions, explores the diverse elements of abstract art. On display are 59 works by 39 artists that include a wide […]

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Review: The Artist Who Made a Difference About Injustice

If you’re at all familiar with DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus, you’ve almost certainly been impressed by the nine-foot-tall statue of Monsignor Jack Egan at the eastern entrance of the […]

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Review: The Sculptures of Dr. Charles Smith Address Racism from a Historical Perspective

Dr. Charles Smith

The current exhibition at the National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM) displays the artwork of Dr. Charles Smith (born 1940) who is a sculptor, a US Marine Corps Veteran of Vietnam, and […]

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Review: Exhibits at Wrightwood 659 Portray The First Homosexuals Along with Michiko Itatani’s Celestial Stages

Two compelling exhibits are on display at Wrightwood 659, the Lincoln Park gallery dedicated to exhibiting socially engaged art and architecture. Michiko Itatani: Celestial Stage celebrates the work of the […]

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Review: The Vibrant Art of Arturo Reyes at Triple R Gallery

Arturo Reyes, “I am Woman.”

It’s natural for most critics as well as the general public to categorize various forms of art. Giving labels to artistic expression can be helpful when it gives context to […]

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Review: Two Exhibitions at the DePaul Art Museum Explore Race, Gender and Class Issues

Joiri Minaya, “Container #7,”

A great way to spend a couple of hours this fall season is visiting the DePaul Art Museum where two new exhibitions are on display. On the main floor is […]

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Interview: Wild Cards—Artist David Wilson and the Great Lakes Tarot Deck

Fortune favors the bold. Ohio artist David Wilson’s life journey has seen a typical array of ups, downs, and divergent paths, but it all led (more or less) to his […]

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Review: Two Exhibits Feature Work of Ukrainian Modernist Michel Andreenko

The work of Michel Andreenko, a Ukrainian émigré modernist painter and stage designer, is featured in two exhibits at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. The main exhibit in the West Gallery—Michel […]

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