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Review: Surveillance, Privacy, Erasure—Wrightwood 659 Exhibit Explores the Impact of Technology in Art

When the World Wide Web was new and shiny in the early ‘90s, futurists and other prognosticators had glowing predictions about the many ways it could change the world, including […]

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Review: Design Museum Explores the Climate Crisis in At the Precipice—It’s Beautiful and Tragic

The beauty of art and the tragedy of the climate crisis live side by side in a stunning new exhibit at the Design Museum of Chicago. Some 30 pieces ranging […]

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Review: At the Driehaus Museum, Hector Guimard Exhibit Explores the Work of the Paris Architect Who Designed Those Beloved Métro Stations

Hector Guimard was a French architect and designer who believed in designing the entire environment for living, in what he called Le Style Guimard. His integrated design work in the era […]

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Review: Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop Inspires at Cleve Carney Museum of Art

Andy Warhol’s contributions to our ideas of art and culture are monumental. The commercial illustrator had a hugely successful career long before the Campbell’s soup cans but ended up not […]

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345 Art Gallery’s Culture Capsule Exhibit Resonates with East Garfield Community by Reflecting the Black Experience 

Author: Sarah Luyengi Tucked away in East Garfield Park, the 345 Art Gallery is a home for local artists and students to display their creative work. Formerly a storefront church, […]

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Review: Six Artists Imagine All That Glows in the Dark of Democracy at the Weinberg/Newton Gallery

It’s two months until our midterm elections. And four weeks for you to find some electoral insights by checking out All That Glows in the Dark of Democracy, an interactive exhibition […]

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Review: Hundreds of Clocks Show the Beauty and Absurdity of Time in New Design Museum Exhibit

Wall clocks. Alarm clocks. Wristwatches. Decorative clocks and boring clocks. Glorious gaudy glass clocks. Cuckoo clocks and kooky clocks. Artist Barbara Koenen has gathered hundreds of clocks over the years, […]

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Review: Monet and the Impressionists Is Art for the Screen-Obsessed at Lighthouse ArtSpace

My mother took me to the Art Institute of Chicago when I was very young and let me pick out postcards of my favorite paintings. I chose mostly Impressionists such […]

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Review: Two Exhibits Feature Work of Ukrainian Modernist Michel Andreenko

The work of Michel Andreenko, a Ukrainian émigré modernist painter and stage designer, is featured in two exhibits at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. The main exhibit in the West Gallery—Michel […]

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Review: Forothermore, a Breathtaking Exhibit of the Beauty and Grief of Nick Cave’s Art, Now at the MCA

Nick Cave’s art is gloriously, spectacularly colorful and joyous. Your first view of the gallery array of Soundsuits is thrilling, even if you have met a Soundsuit before. This army […]

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Review: Protest Art Exhibit Enables Visitors to Support Ukraine at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

Protest art to support Ukraine

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Review: American Framing Highlights Trio of New Exhibits at Wrightwood 659

American Framing Wrightwood 659

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