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Review: Surveillance, Privacy, Erasure—Wrightwood 659 Exhibit Explores the Impact of Technology in Art

When the World Wide Web was new and shiny in the early ‘90s, futurists and other prognosticators had glowing predictions about the many ways it could change the world, including […]

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Essay: In Defense of “Unregulated” Little Free Libraries

Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th) thinks the little free libraries along many Chicago sidewalks are bad—very bad. They are “unregulated”! And they’re “popular”! And many of them are planted in city soil! (Collective […]

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Review: Tall Towers as Tools of Profit and Racism, Chicago Skyscrapers, 1934–1986, by Thomas Leslie

Thomas Leslie’s Chicago Skyscrapers, 1934-1986 is an impressive and important book that ranks with other works providing the deepest insights into what makes Chicago, Chicago: Nature’s Metropolis by William Cronon, […]

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Review: At the Driehaus Museum, Hector Guimard Exhibit Explores the Work of the Paris Architect Who Designed Those Beloved Métro Stations

Hector Guimard was a French architect and designer who believed in designing the entire environment for living, in what he called Le Style Guimard. His integrated design work in the era […]

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Feature: Afrofuturism and Black Excellence at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture

Chicago offers a variety of events to commemorate Juneteenth, the day in 1865 when America “officially freed” enslaved people. For an even deeper dive into the vast nation-building contributions of […]

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On the Road: A Whimsical Look Inside California’s New Modernism Museum

The release of the 2022 film Don’t Worry Darling has once again cast a spotlight on Palm Springs. A playground of the rich and famous since its inception 85 years […]

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Review: The City in Your Pocket, AIA Guide to Chicago

Chicago is so much more than its buildings…still they’re hard to miss. Ever since Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable built his home on the Chicago River’s banks, structures have risen […]

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Interview: Tim Samuelson and the Intangible of History

When Timothy Samuelson stood in the center of his windowless, crowded studio, surrounded by gorgeous artifacts of the past, I thought he might break into song.  “Nothing in here doesn’t […]

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Review: Driehaus Museum Exhibit Honors Richard Nickel’s Passion to Preserve Louis Sullivan’s Legacy

The Richard Nickel story is both tragic and inspiring. The architectural photographer and salvager of ornament from Louis Sullivan buildings was committed to the fight for historic  preservation in the 1960s, […]

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Essay: Walking Graceland Cemetery with—and Without—Adam Selzer’s New Book

Near the end of my hourlong walk around Graceland Cemetery the other day, I went past a stone obelisk, maybe 30 feet tall, and noticed this on the side: SANDRA […]

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Review: The Seed-Germ King: Louis Sullivan’s Idea, by Tim Samuelson and Chris Ware

Louis Sullivan’s Idea, a biography of the 19th century Chicago architect, by Chicago’s first cultural historian Timothy Samuelson, is, in the most literal sense of the word, a beautiful book. […]

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Review: American Framing Highlights Trio of New Exhibits at Wrightwood 659

American Framing Wrightwood 659

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