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Review: Design Museum Explores the Climate Crisis in At the Precipice—It’s Beautiful and Tragic

The beauty of art and the tragedy of the climate crisis live side by side in a stunning new exhibit at the Design Museum of Chicago. Some 30 pieces ranging […]

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Review: Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop Inspires at Cleve Carney Museum of Art

Andy Warhol’s contributions to our ideas of art and culture are monumental. The commercial illustrator had a hugely successful career long before the Campbell’s soup cans but ended up not […]

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Review: The Sculptures of Dr. Charles Smith Address Racism from a Historical Perspective

Dr. Charles Smith

The current exhibition at the National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM) displays the artwork of Dr. Charles Smith (born 1940) who is a sculptor, a US Marine Corps Veteran of Vietnam, and […]

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Review: Six Artists Imagine All That Glows in the Dark of Democracy at the Weinberg/Newton Gallery

It’s two months until our midterm elections. And four weeks for you to find some electoral insights by checking out All That Glows in the Dark of Democracy, an interactive exhibition […]

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Essay: Walking Graceland Cemetery with—and Without—Adam Selzer’s New Book

Near the end of my hourlong walk around Graceland Cemetery the other day, I went past a stone obelisk, maybe 30 feet tall, and noticed this on the side: SANDRA […]

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Review: Abandoned Spaces Come to Life at the Oak Park Art League

John Padour, Abandoned Mine

For many of us, there is a lure to abandoned spaces because they often evoke curiosity about their history while also arousing emotions of nostalgia, fear and sadness. There is […]

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Feature: Cornelia Arts Building Displays Compelling Variety in Open Studio Event

The Cornelia Arts Building recently held their spring open studio event where the public had the opportunity to see work by dozens of artists. The building, located at the corner […]

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Review: Just Add Water, The Fountain, by David Scott Hay

The Fountain By David Scott Hay Whiskey Tit Jasper P. Duckworth is a critic in an alternate universe Chicago for Chicago Shoulders, a New City-like (or, if you will, Third […]

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Art on the Street: Get Over to Halsted for Hello, Helios, an Homage to the Sun in Greektown

Chicago is known for its public art and you usually find it in high-traffic areas like Michigan Avenue or on Loop office building plazas. But this summer, we suggest you […]

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Kill Yr Idols—A Chicago History of Statue Desecration, Part 2

Part 1 of this article can be found here. The original inspiration for this article came from a reference in the WPA Guide to Illinois, created by the Federal Writers’ Project. One […]

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Kill Yr Idols—A Chicago History of Statue Desecration, Part 1

Note: As a pleasant side effect of the BLM protests, several statues of slavers, traitors, and genocidal invaders have been defaced, toppled, or removed from public view worldwide. Thus far, […]

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Experience Museums in the Comfort of Your Home

  If you’re wanting to experience art and culture during this “shelter in place” period, now is the time to check out some of the best online museum collections from […]

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