Let’s Cafe Breakfast Style: Scones and Clotted Cream at Scone City

Would you like a maple-bacon scone with your double espresso? Or perhaps a blueberry with lemon glaze scone? Feeling like something less sweet and more savory? Bite into Brie, honey-thyme or kale, tomato-parm scones. But be sure to pull up to Scone City, 1632 W. Division St., early in the day if you want to enjoy the savory options. When my cohort and scone-loving friend, Nancy Bishop, and I popped into Scone City after a recent meeting, we were excited—ready to be greeted by plates of creative scones from sweet to savory. I had enjoyed the Brie, honey-thyme scone in a previous visit and was eagerly anticipating yet another. And to our disappointment every savory scone option was gone. Sold out earlier in the day. That momentary setback did not deter. We quickly ordered a blackberry with orange glaze scone and a cherry-almond dusted-with-coarse-sugar scone. Washed down with iced coffee and a delightful herbal tea, we sat in the charming storefront sampling and enjoying each other’s selection.  Scone City, open since 2015, definitely knows how to do scones. In fact, many of their items are featured in grocery stores and coffee houses throughout the city. While this may be more convenient, a trip to the original shop for a first-hand scone experience is best. Having tasted a few varieties now, I can say they are quite good. Flaky and tender, loaded with fruit or other ingredients like bacon and cheese, they provide a nice alternative to your more typical breakfast or brunch fare. Sugar alert! Many are very sweet, so it's best to ask first and the friendly staff will advise.  (One tiny beef I have is that we were not asked if we wanted our scones warmed. Looking back, I would have immediately said yes.) If you’re feeling British, add a side of clotted cream or a favorite jam to your order. Choose from an assortment of coffees from Halfwit Coffee Roasters, teas, espresso drinks and seasonal summer beverages like Wild Guava Coconut Cream Soda. Scone City's bagged scone crisps, watched over by a Hebru Brantley sculpture. Got a dog? Grab a specially made scone for your pooch and help support P.A.W.S. with your purchase. Scone City is open Mon-Fri 6:30am–1:30pm Monday-Friday and 7am–1:30pm weekends. You may also place special and catering orders for events by calling 773-904-8722. Individual scones start at $3.75. For those readers who like to dabble in the kitchen, check out this page from King Arthur Flour. for everything you need to know about baking scones. Photos by Cynthia Kallile.
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