C2E2 2020 Sunday Panel Catchup

Contributing authors: Aaron Cynic, Antal Bokor, Julian Ramirez, Pearl Shin. C2E2 2020, Sunday @ McCormick Place. Photo: Aaron Cynic
Sunday used to be a little bit lackluster when it came to star power and panel panache, but even going back to last year, C2E2's changed all that by ending the weekend of nerdy fun with a bang, and some of the panels we saw on Sunday really were the cherry on top of an already amazing con, and it started early.
C2E2 2020, Sunday @ McCormick Place. Photo: Pearl Shin.
Starting our day off right, we got a chance to catch the humble, boyish and deeply emotional Mark Ruffalo as he discussed his roles and his activism. I would have expected the conversation to center on Bruce Banner and his green alter ego, but plenty of his other roles were covered as well. Ruffalo prefers to portray real people, and that possibly stems from his love of documentaries--"real people, real stories" as he put it. And when he portrays these real people, he prefers to meet them (if possible), or do plenty of research in the portrayal of them.
C2E2 2020, Sunday @ McCormick Place. Photo: Marielle Bokor.
Ruffalo takes such roles seriously, saying, "when you're playing real people, you have a responsibility to get their lives right" and he does that by becoming like a sponge: "soak them up and spit them out." When he was asked about what kind of Hulk movie he wanted to make, Ruffalo indicated that he's love to see the origins of Professor Hulk--how it would be the ultimate showdown between Banner and Hulk--and maybe Wolverine. And with all of these Wolverine entering the MCU rumors, wouldn't that be a nice reveal?And there's a good chance, since Mark Ruffalo is so known for dropping the occasional spoiler, that he was given fake scripts during the filming of Infinity War and Endgame.
C2E2 2020, Sunday @ McCormick Place. Photo: Pearl Shin.
C2E2 2020, Sunday @ McCormick Place. Photo: Julian Ramirez
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