The Bright Side: Island Life and Museum Life Collide

Screenshot: Animal Crossing: New Horizon You'd have to have been more than just quarantined at home to have not heard about the latest Animal Crossing game. It came out at exactly the right time, after years of anticipation from fans of the series and with a global pandemic giving us a true need for pleasant distraction. It's so popular that Nintendo Switches, which are the only console you can play the game on, are being sold for $10,000 on Ebay and are in high demand or out of stock nearly everywhere. Of course, that's not the bright side. What is, is that if you DO have a Switch or you are playing the game, which we recently reviewed and are currently obsessed with, there are so many cool collaborations happening with different brands, institutions, and...museums. We were ecstatic to see the Field Museum jump on the bandwagon when they teamed up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which has recently gone viral for their adorable videos during this crisis, for a tour of Animal Crossing: New Horizon's in-game museum. The museum's curator is always there to share scientifically accurate facts on the real life fossils, bugs and fish you'll find on the islands, but this time Blathers was joined by aquarium experts and Emily Graslie, a fossil expert, to discuss what you'll uncover before that shovel breaks again. In another amazing collaboration between major museums and Nintendo's smash hit, The Getty recently set up QR codes allowing anyone who's playing Animal Crossing to be able to take beautiful world class works of art that they have on display in their actual, IRL museum and put them on your virtual, island home walls. Even the fashion world is getting in on it, as designers take to making their clothing in the virtual world for all those savvy villagers to enjoy. Even better, today Nintendo announced even more upcoming activities and add-ons that'll land April 23rd. It's the little things, and today, the little islands, that make things a little brighter. Stay home, stay safe, and we'll see you on the islands.
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Marielle Bokor