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2020 In Review: Our Favorite Video Games of 2020

So long 2020—you were a terrible year for a lot of reasons, but a surprisingly good year for video games. Sure, there was the big letdown that was Cyberpunk 2077. […]

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Video Game Consoles Are Carving Out Their Niches Like Grocery Store Chains

How do you decide which grocery store to go to? Is it selection? Price? Convenience? Thinking about which video game console (or consoles plural for the prolific consumers) to purchase […]

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Introducing: Third Coast Streamer Spotlight

As you well know, streaming is nothing new. It’s hard to believe but streaming giant Twitch has been around since 2011. But streaming has become even bigger since coronavirus, with […]

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The Bright Side: Island Life and Museum Life Collide

You’d have to have been more than just quarantined at home to have not heard about the latest Animal Crossing game. It came out at exactly the right time, after […]

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Support AND Enjoy Chicago Museums From Home-Here’s How. Part One:”The Big Ones”

As we’re grappling with the news that the pandemic won’t peak until Mid May in Illinois and looking at an uncertain future for so many events and activities in and […]

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Review: Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the Perfect Getaway for these Trying Times

I grew up playing games you might think typical for a young male, especially since the gaming landscape was different when I first picked up a controller to cut my […]

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13 Video Games We’re Looking Forward to the Most in 2020

  2020 is going to be a banner year for video games. It marks the last year of the current console generation ,and anyone should know, that’s when some of […]

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