Bandcamp Is Waiving Its Fees Again; Many Labels & Bands Are Donating Their Share to Worthwhile Causes

Back in March and then again in May, Bandcamp decided to waive their fees on the site for a day, letting their cut of the profits go to the artists affected by Covid related closure/tour cancellations. Tons of labels followed suit and fans responded by buying millions worth of merch and music!

Bandcamp will be waiving their fees across the board again today until midnight tonight. The plan is still the same with all proceeds going to the bands and labels. But with everything going on right now with protests against police brutality and systematic racism, many are doing something special.  Tons of labels and bands will be donating their share of revenue to a variety of charities and causes including those assisting in the protests currently happening across the nation.  You can check out just a taste of where labels and bands will be donating, as well as special discounts and merch, over at Bandcamp’s blog. There’s actually so many bands and label donating that there’s another post about what they’re doing today. 

Tons of artists on Bandcamp would greatly appreciate some love and many are urging you to support black artists today. We highly suggest you check out your favorite artists and see what they’ll be doing for today’s push to support music, important causes, and beyond.

Also let’s not forget these incredible local labels.

There are plenty of other great bands on Bandcamp, so take a look around and discover something new! If you have any recommendations, comment below and spread the love because everybody needs it right now! And Don’t forget to look at Bandcamp’s growing list of artists offering special times and donations to worthwhile causes. Part one is here and part two is here.

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