Support Local Artists as Bandcamp is Waiving Their Revenue Share Today

It’s another round of Bandcamp Fridays as the online music platform has decided to waive their fees on the site for the day, directing their cut of the profits to the artists affected by Covid-related closures/tour cancellations.  This has been going on since March, with tons of fans flooding the website to support their favorite artists.

The last couple of instances of their waived fees have occurred during even more tumultuous times as protests broke out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and against police brutality and systematic racism. June’s edition shifted its attention to these protests with many artists and labels donating their own profits to worthy causes. Then on Juneteenth, Bandcamp directed their profits to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund along with a myriad of artists supporting even more causes. It was a great rallying call to support not only music, but the world we live in and trying to make it better.

Bandcamp will be waiving their fees across the board again today until midnight PDT tonight. If you’re unsure what time it all ends in your timezone, check for exactly how much time you have left to jump in on the sales effort. This edition of Bandcamp Friday definitely feels like the confluence of all the ideas they have put forth, helping both artists and worthy causes.  You can check out just a taste of where labels and bands will be donating, as well as special discounts and merch, over at Bandcamp’s blog.

We highly suggest you check out your favorite artists and see what they’ll be doing for today’s push to support music, important causes, and beyond.

Also let’s not forget these incredible local labels.

There are plenty of other great bands on Bandcamp, so take a look around and discover something new! If you have any recommendations, comment below and spread the love because everybody needs it right now.

Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez