“Groceries” Leads the Way to Rich Jones & Montana Macks’ Collaborative Album How do you sleep at night?

Rich Jones & Montana Macks – Photo by Jason Neloms

Despite all the bad news piling on in the past few weeks, the announcement of a new album from Rich Jones and producer Montana Macks is a breath of relief. This pair of Chicago-based artists have collaborated tons in the past, whether it’s been longer sessions like the Pigeons & Waffles EP or quick features like “What Happens” on Macks’ Original Recipe, so you know you’re in for a treat. More recently their track “Not For a Thing” appeared on the situationchicago compilation, which supports independent music venues throughout Chicago (hint hint, go support this release). Their upcoming album, How do you sleep at night? is due on October 30, but in the meantime you can listen to their lead single “Groceries” featuring another fantastic local artist, Mykele Deville.

The album was primarily written during the initial months of quarantine/stay at home orders, which has certainly driven the themes throughout the tracklist. “Groceries” in particular slyly tackles a lot of the hardships many of us are going through in these insane times. The track busts through with a strong verse by Deville that sets the bar incredibly high. After Deville drops lines about being harassed by the police, he raps “Just pass the proceeds back/To the activist keeping us in tact”, making his stance on the much needed societal change incredibly clear. Later on, Jones laments the state of the world: “Feel’s like I’m locked in and the world’s on auto pilot.” All the while, the instrumentals are chilled and laid-back as you would expect, giving the whole message of the song a perfect bed to lay on.

Only one song in and How do you sleep at night? is sounding like a perfect album for fall. The album comes out on October 30 and you can pre-order the album on Bandcamp now (or wait till Friday for Bandcamp Friday, when the music platform waives its fees for the day)!

Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez

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