Who We’re Excited to See at Pitchfork Music Festival 2021!

It may be coming a little later than usual this year, but we’re massively excited for Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend! As always, PMF is bringing some of the best acts going today with a nice highlight of local acts, diverse sounds and just an overall fantastic lineup! They’ve been doing this for 15 years, so they know a thing or two about great festivals.

Quite honesty, there are just way too many artists to see this weekend. There are obviously some must see, like the headliners, or *insert your absolute favorite  must see band here*. If we could, we’d love to see every one of the 42 bands performing. However, time is a real bummer and it’s surprisingly difficult to plan out these three festival days. We’re here with some suggestions what stages to be at this weekend to make it a little easier to navigate through this insanely good line up!

Tickets for the festival are still available! Single day pass are $90 plus fees. Please Note: Pitchfork Music Festival will be requiring that festival-goers 12 years old and older provide proof of COVID Vaccination or a negative PCR test within 24 hours of each festival day. The fest will also be requiring masks be worn on all festival grounds and can only be removed when eating or drinking.


Emily Kempf of DEHD – Photo by Julian Ramirez

DEHD on the Green stage at 2:30pm
The Chicago-based indie rock trio, DEHD , is headed to Pitchfork early on in the day and you won’t want to miss them. Their dreamy 2020 studio album, Flower of Devotion, has received great critical acclaim and the band has since found creative ways to perform these songs live including an Audiotree live stream and a mini tour around Chicago from the back of a truck! It’ll be worth it to arrive early to catch their set as they bring the energy of this album and old favorites alike to Union Park.

Eleanor Friedberger – Photo by Julian Ramirez

The Fiery Furnaces on the Red Stage at 5:15pm
It’s been over 10 YEARS since the sibling duo of Matthew and shared the stage for a full on show! Now, this isn’t there first show back since the band went on hiatus all those years ago pursue their solo work. However this set at Pitchfork Music Festival will be one of their comeback shows and sure to be a good one. The Oak Park natives are currently signed to Third Man Records and released their single “Down at the So and So on Somewhere” last year. With that track as a primer, you know the The Fiery Furnaces will be the place to be at 5:15pm on Friday!

Phoebe Bridgers – Photo by Julian Ramirez

Phoebe Bridgers on the Green stage 8:30pm
After the release of her highly anticipated and critically acclaimed sophomore album Punisher, Phoebe Bridgers has quickly and rightfully gained a lot of traction. Originally on the fests 2020 lineup a few rows below The National, this year she’s risen to headliner status. Bridgers has no issues with portraying raw emotions within her lyrics and intricate instrumentals on Punisher. Her headlining set will likely be one that will have you both dancing and crying at the same time, a perfect way to close out the first day.


Divino Niño – Photo by Julian Ramirez

Divino Niño on the Green Stage at 2:30pm
Ah, Divino Niño. If you aren’t aware by now we’re fans of the Chicago-via-Bogotá, Colombia band. Their 2019 album Foam was a high water mark for the band as they serenaded you with some of the most touching, sexiest, and down right dance-able tracks you’d hear that year. Recently, their song “Drive” shifted their sound to even experimental realms, dipping their psychedelic twinged sound into South-American rap-rock and bachata tones. To say it’s one of their best tracks is an understatement. It’s the perfect time to see these guys live so don’t get caught sleeping in!

Waxahatchee – Photo by Julian Ramirez

Waxahatchee on the Green Stage at 4:15pm
Waxahatchee‘s set may be the ideal centerpiece of the weekend. Katie Crutchfield’s voice always amazes as she and her band deliver her wonderful songs with all delicate poise they demand. Crutchfield released Saint Cloud last year right as the pandemic hit, so this will be the first time most of the crowd will see her perform tracks off it live.

Jamila Woods – Photos by Julian Ramirez

Jamila Woods on the Blue Stage at 6:30pm
No matter what the venue, Jamila Woods is always a breathe of fresh air. Whether it’s at Thalia Hall, Harold Washington Cultural Center, or at a previous Pitchfork Music Festival stage, Woods brings her A game and gives a majestic performance. Her smooth and emotive voice only makes her already insightful and powerful lyrics all the more powerful. If you want to be swept off your feet, then this is the set for you!


Tomberlin – Photo by Julian Ramirez

Tomberlin on the Green Stage at 1:00pm
Back in 2017, Joyful Noise Recordings started their White Label series, which asked established artist to pic a musician that they think deserved to be pressed to vinyl. One of the highlights of that first year of the series was Mirah’s pick of Tomberlin. Instantly every bit of emotion in Sarah Beth Tomberlin’s At Weddings feel real to the listener. Tomberlin is one of the most engaging folk artists right now and this opening set is a must see/hear.

Thundercat on the Blue Stage at 5:15pm
Thundercat is wild live. The man is a treasure to behold on stage as he commands the crowd with his eclectic sound and his inescapable stage presence. He just draws you in with his strange, alluring charisma and never lets go as his funky jams spread into the sir.

Danny Brown – Photo by Julian Ramirez

Danny Brown on the Green Stage at 6:15
Danny Brown is no stranger to the Pitchfork Music Festival stages and by this point deciding to see his set should be a no brainer. He comes to the stage with more energy that you know what to do with and it just explodes out from him. The crowd is always hyped up the second they see his ever recognizable smile and stays that way as he bust outs one of the most unique flows in hip hop today!

Pitchfork Music Festival is a part of DCASE’s Chicago in Tune! This new citywide festival celebrates music in the key of Chicago during the 2021 Year of Chicago Music. This month is meant to bring us all together through the whole spectrum of music events in a variety of venues. Check out all the participating venues and shows over at their website!

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