PHOTOS: Star Trek Mission Chicago Sunday Cosplay

  With a convention like Star Trek: Mission Chicago the cosplay scene is a little different. And while you might think all you'd see was Starfleet uniforms, as they always do, Trekkies came up with deep cuts and amazing takes on everything from TOS to Prodigy. That's to say nothing of the amazing takes on the Starfleet uniforms through the years, with some truly impressive and intricate uniforms from all the series, and some new interpretations of them. Even if you hadn't come in full cosplay though, there was nary a person you'd run into who didn't sport at least one Starfleet Delta somewhere on their person, and it's one of the things that made this convention a special one for us, similar to Chicago TARDIS. One of the best ways to make friends is to share common interests, and in this case, even more so than bigger cons with broader scopes, everyone was there for the same reason. It was this friendliness and shared nerdery that made it hard to say goodbye to. Luckily for any Trekkies still wanting more, we've got an exclusive interview with Chase Masterson of DS9 upcoming for you, and, in case you missed it, panel catchups from Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as cosplay galleries from Friday and Saturday to look back on. Stay tuned!    
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