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Gift Ideas for Art Lovers: Ten Great Art Books Published in 2021

Looking for gift ideas for art lovers in your life? Or perhaps you want to treat yourself by buying a book that will not only inspire and educate you about […]

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Book Review: Push Butt, Receive Bacon, Hand Dryers, by Samuel Ryde

Hand Dryers By Samuel Ryde Unicorn Publishing Group Distributed by the University of Chicago Press Books In the appropriately senseless year of 2020, Hand Dryers, by Samuel Ryde, was published. […]

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Noteworthy Art Books of 2020 for Adults and Kids

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While the art scene in Chicago and other major cities closed its doors for most of 2020, numerous art books continued to be published. Here’s a list of 10 must-see […]

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Arte Agoraphile—An Interview with Arte Agora Author Daniel X. O’Neil

Daniel X. O’Neil sees art everywhere, but not in that Bob Ross on ’shrooms sort of way. Mr. O’Neil is a connoisseur and curator of what he calls Arte Agora, […]

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