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Glitch Art and the Surreal—a Look at 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown) Spirit Simulator, the Newest Exhibit at Chicago Gamespace, and a Conversation with Jonathan Kinkley

The curator for Chicago Gamespace loves video games. You can tell by the way he talks about them—and not just the games you know, but games that defy boundaries and […]

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Preview: LudoNarraCon 2021 to Bring Interesting Indies and Engaging Conversation to Steam Beginning Tomorrow

It’s been well over a year since Covid-19 went and changed just about everything. Which means it’s been over a year since in-person conventions were a thing. By now, most […]

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Phenomenon: Pac-Man Exhibit at Chicago Gamespace Brings Pac-Man’s Legacy and History to Life

When I went to check out Nom Nom: 40 Years of Pac-Man Design and History at Chicago Gamespace, there was a lingering question in the air. The question no one […]

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Interview: VGA Gallery’s Brice Puls and Eleanor Schichtel on Going Virtual, Future Plans and VGA Zine

The last time we saw the gang from VGA Gallery, things were a lot different. It was January 2020 and we were crowding the VGA Gallery’s small space on Bloomingdale […]

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Review: Hidden Through Time is Silly and Charming

There’s a genre of video games that it seems like most people usually ignore: the hidden object game. I mean, they’re everywhere. I’ve seen the one based on the Castle […]

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The 2019 Playtest Party at the Logan Theatre Boasts a Brand New Batch of Creative Games From Chicago Area Developers

There’s a lot of good things that come out of November, as the holiday season kicks off, and with the extended shopping hours and long weekends come more events and […]

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Bit Bash at MSI Blew Our Minds

What a weekend! Bit Bash made its triumphant return this weekend at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). It was truly amazing to see Bit Bash in and around […]

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Bit Bash at MSI is Everything We Hoped For (And More!)

Bit Bash is back. After eschewing their main event for a series of pop-ups last year, Bit Bash has brought back their titular summer festival with an impressive showing of […]

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Interview: In Their Words–Bit Bash and MSI Discuss Bit Bash 2019 Collaboration

To us, Bit Bash and MSI are a natural match. Both the Museum of Science and Industry and Bit Bash are experts at creating fantastic interactive experiences and creating a […]

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Preview: Bit Bash to ‘TAKEOVER’ Emporium Logan Square with Four Locally Developed Indie Games

  Love indie games? Want to play some indie games that have been developed right here in Chicago? Well, Bit Bash and Emporium Arcade Bar Logan Square is giving you […]

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Bit Bash’s Fabricade Shines with Unique, Exclusive and Experimental Game Experiences

This past weekend, while Riot Fest was amping up for its first day in Douglas Park, a different kind of alternative experience was happening in River West, with Bit Bash’s Fabricade. In lieu […]

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Preview: Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee Promises Plenty For Gamers and Pinball Wizards

Hot on the heels of last weekend’s C2E2 convention is the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin Center. This “unique social trade show” has been around for 20 […]

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