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Light Cycles: 40 Years of Tron in Games & Film Debuts at Chicago Gamespace Tomorrow

While in 2023, there still exists a subset of people who fail to see video games as art, and instead condescendingly relegate the work of countless artists over the past […]

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Glitch Art and the Surreal—a Look at 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown) Spirit Simulator, the Newest Exhibit at Chicago Gamespace, and a Conversation with Jonathan Kinkley

The curator for Chicago Gamespace loves video games. You can tell by the way he talks about them—and not just the games you know, but games that defy boundaries and […]

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C2E2 2021 Saturday Panel Catchup

Lest you think we got any rest last night, we were out on the floor bright and early to start off the biggest day of C2E2 2021 with a smile […]

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2021 has been weird, and there’s nothing weirder than saying “It’s convention season in Chicago” in early to mid-December, but we’re fresh off Chicago TARDIS, Wizard World was bumped up […]

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Phenomenon: Pac-Man Exhibit at Chicago Gamespace Brings Pac-Man’s Legacy and History to Life

When I went to check out Nom Nom: 40 Years of Pac-Man Design and History at Chicago Gamespace, there was a lingering question in the air. The question no one […]

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Interview: Emergent Gamespace: Jonathan Kinkley Brings New Vision of Game History and Art with Chicago Gamespace

One good turn deserves another, they always say, and with any luck, one good idea can turn into another too. In the relative normalcy of January 2020, change was already […]

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