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Reader of the Banned: City Lit Theater Presents Books on the Chopping Block

Devoting one’s life to banning books undoubtedly cuts into one’s reading time. Those too busy to read the volumes they work so hard to keep others from perusing should consider […]

Dan Kelly /
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Review: The Bliss Family Sets a Chaotic Table for Their Guests in Noel Coward’s Hay Fever at City Lit

A high farce, a comedy of manners, a play named after an irrelevant medical condition. Those would be a few ways to describe Noel Coward’s 1925 play, Hay Fever, now on […]

Nancy S Bishop /
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Review: City Lit Theater’s Playboy of the Western World Synges the Old Songs

In 1907, John Millington Synge’s landmark Playboy of the Western World caused riots everywhere it premiered—Dublin, New York, and even, eventually, here in Chicago. Irish patriots claimed the play portrayed […]

Doug Mose /
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Preview: Chicago Writers Bloc New Plays Festival Opens June 4

The 2019 Chicago Writers Bloc New Plays Festival will feature staged readings of 19 new plays by 14 Chicago-area playwrights. Presentations will take place at 7:30pm each Monday, Tuesday and […]

Nancy S Bishop /
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Review: City Lit Stages Fuente Ovejuna, a Thoroughly Modern Tale 400 Years Old

Spanish playwright Lope de Vega wrote a compelling drama about a village that rebelled against its lecherous overlord to protect its women—a very 21st century story. De Vega wrote it […]

Nancy S Bishop /
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Prometheus Bound, a Greek Play Retold With Puppet Gods and Song

The retelling of classics, especially Greek fables and tragedies, is going through a revival in the contemporary arts and theater world. But what the makers of Prometheus Bound have that […]

Kim Campbell /
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City Lit’s Picture of Dorian Gray Misses Wilde Glitter With Flawed Adaptation and Casting

The Picture of Dorian Gray, the only novel by the brilliant Irish playwright and poet, Oscar Wilde, is loaded with Wildean bon mots. It is one of the most quotable […]

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