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Review: It’s Not “Ruff” to Find the Fun With Pupperazzi

There are some games whose appeal is hard to explain, at least at first. “See, you’re in a post-apocalyptic, horrible world and there’s a plague of man-rats, and you’re an […]

Marielle Bokor /
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Review: A New Era in Theater? Dogprov is Ruff and Rowdy

Have you ever wondered–can dogs be showpeople? Are canines natural performers who adore the limelight and thrive on the roar of the crowd? Can they take direction? Do they understand […]

Kim Campbell /
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Puppies and Kitties and Bunnies, Oh My! Help the Pet Pony Express and Clear Chicagoland Shelters

Local shelters have been in the news lately as they are in desperate need of animal fosters, due to overcrowding, economic uncertainty and because kitten season runs a long stretch […]

Karin McKie /
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When Dogs Fly: Libertyville’s Dog Days of Summer Takes Off

[soliloquy id=”15283″]   This Friday through Sunday, the northern suburb of Libertyville went to the dogs during its ninth annual Dog Days of Summer festival. This festival is all about […]

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