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Review: Relative, a Genuinely Chicago Film, Tells the Story of a Rogers Park Family Going Through Change

Relative weaves together the stories of a Rogers Park family–the progressive parents, their adult children and their children–as change affects them all.

Nancy S Bishop /
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Theater, Virtually: Such Small Hands, a New Play About Love, Aging and Loss by Kane Rep

“I always thought it would be me first,” says the wife about her aging, brain-scrambled husband. “I had cancer scares twice.” Instead, she’s the healthy one, the patient, organized one, […]

Nancy S Bishop /
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Review: Steppenwolf’s Devastating Downstate Dares Us to Look Evil in the Eyes

What makes one a victim? And what moral superiority does a victim have over their aggressor? When is one’s humanity lost, and what qualifications, if any, are there to getting […]

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Steppenwolf’sYou Got Older Succeeds as a Quietly Realized Family Story

After seeing Steppenwolf’s Chicago premiere of Clare Barron’s poignant play, You Got Older, I felt the need to text my sister. Much like Barron’s protagonist, Mae (Caroline Neff), my sister, […]

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