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Review: Goodman Theatre’s Roe Asks “Which Side Are You On?”

What is true? What is false? And who gets to decide? In Lisa Loomer’s powerful production of Roe, directed by Vanessa Stalling, at the Goodman Theatre, people change their minds […]

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Review: Words of Wisdom Shine in Victory Gardens’ Tiny Beautiful Things

Tiny Beautiful Things

If you need an actor to carry your show on her shoulders, might I recommend the talents of one Janet Ulrich Brooks? Last year, she dominated Timeline Theatre’s Master Class as opera […]

Lisa Trifone /
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Review: Discovery, and What Could Have Been, in Court Theatre’s Photograph 51

Photograph 51

Once this awful cold snap breaks (because let’s be honest, we’re all hibernating until then), there’s a show on the south side that’s worth seeking out: Photograph 51 is a play by […]

Lisa Trifone /
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A Shayna Maidel at Timeline Theatre: A Timely History Play Full of Ghosts and Terrors

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The Holocaust. Armenia. Cambodia. Darfur. Bosnia. Rwanda. South Sudan. Native Americans. Rohingya. Whether or not you had family or ancestors in those hellish genocides, you may find it hard to […]

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