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Get Up Close to Art and Design at SOFA Chicago This Weekend at Navy Pier

SOFA Chicago, The annual Sculpture Objects and Functional Art + Design expo at Navy Pier, hosts an array of works from artists and galleries around the world. The works include paintings, sculptures, jewelry, cars, chairs, lamps—all sorts of art objects brought together in a conglomerate of glass, wood, metals, fabrics, and substances that make you question just how much you know about the material world.

Something that makes this show particularly special is the chance to get up close to the works and see them in full detail. Not only does a closer glimpse allow you to appreciate just what went into the artwork, but it fosters some understanding of the materials and concepts that the artists are working with.

Here are some little treasures to keep an eye out for at this year’s exhibition:

  1. A tangly sculptural rendering by Sébastien Duchange at CREA Gallery


    Stephanie Lenchard Warren

  2. The gaze of Courtney Timmermans‘s Lion, made of air rifle BBs, featured at Jean Albano Gallery


    Stephanie Lenchard Warren

  3. An intimate sculpture of ceramic and acrylic by Christopher David White at Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art


    Stephanie Lenchard Warren

  4. The iridescent glazings of Hideaki Miyamura at Contemporary Artifact


    Stephanie Lenchard Warren

  5. An angle from the little world of Joint Ladders by Tolla Inbar at Adamar Fine Arts


    Stephanie Lenchard Warren

  6. A look into the Galerie Zuger/Aspen Grove Fine Art displays (front sculpture by Bob Wilfong)

Stephanie Lenchard Warren

Take a close look, then take a step back to see what the whole show has to offer.

SOFA 2016 runs today through Sunday at Navy Pier. General admission is $20 in advance and $25 at the door. A 3-day pass is available for $30. For more info and to purchase tickets, visit

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