Review: The Power of Film Is an Engaging, Easygoing Miniseries About the Cycles of American Cinema

It’s easy to forget that we all start somewhere. When I was 13, I discovered Yorgos Lanthimos’s horrific fantasy-comedy The Lobster on Netflix and became, for better or for worse, […]

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Review: The Settlers Lays Bare a Hidden Chapter of Chile’s Genocidal Past

While American cinema has now begun to slowly (although not necessarily surely) reckon with the legacy of colonialism and white supremacy, Latin American cinema has long decried its brutal legacy. […]

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Your Chicago Curated Weekend: 1/18 and Beyond

That snow storm last week wasn’t as bad as it could have been and while the temps have been drastically low, things are getting better! Only one day this weekend […]

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Review: A Blossoming Friendship Is at the Heart of Spirited, Sweet Driving Madeleine

From the director of the Oscar-nominated Joyeux Noel, Christian Carion’s latest work is a far more intimate but equally moving affair. The film kicks off by placing Madeleine (Line Renaud), […]

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Review: As Earth Devolves into War, An American and Russian Space Crew Clash in I.S.S.

More an ethical puzzle than a proper film, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite (known for the docs Blackfish and The Grab, as well as the narrative feature Megan Leavey), works from a […]

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Cover of Everything Is Going to Be Okay (Until It's Not) by Georgia Garvey

Interview: Columnist Georgia Garvey on Her Greek Heritage and New Book, Everything Is Going to Be Okay (Until It’s Not)

The phrase “it’s all Greek to me” is often used to refer to complicated things people cannot understand. Yet for award-winning columnist and former Chicago Tribune editor Georgia Garvey, her […]

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Review: Dover Quartet Plays a Blustery Program on a Blustery Night

On a blustery Friday night, the Dover Quartet gave a note-perfect performance at the Northwestern Winter Chamber Music Festival at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall in Evanston. While the Chicagoland region was […]

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Preview: Count Down the Days (6!) to the 6th Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival

A revolt of the animals to save the planet. The adventures of a marooned astronaut. The creation of an Afro-futurist Pinocchio. A monster who can’t scare a scaredycat. Urban youth […]

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Review: Kevin Hart Dials Back the Antics for Lift, a Serviceable, Airborne Heist Movie

It’s a new month, so it’s time for a new Kevin Hart movie on Netflix. This time around, Hart forgoes comedy for something in the action-heist genre with Lift, in […]

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Recap: Fargo (S5, Ep4) — Two Tense Home Invasions Frame Another Great Episode

The truth is undoubtedly Fargo‘s largest overarching theme. The original movie and now every episode of the show opens with text that declares that we are watching something that actually […]

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Review: Astounding and Grossly Captivating, The Zone of Interest Is Challenging, Frustrating and Essential Art

It may sound like an unlikely endorsement for a film, but stay with me here: The Zone of Interest will make you want to puke from discomfort and anxiety. Or […]

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Review: In Occupied City, Filmmaker Steve McQueen Recounts Amsterdam’s History Through Its Present

In one of the most unique examinations of the past almost entirely using images of the present, director Steve McQueen (12 Years A Slave, Widows) brings us a provocative and […]

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