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El Paso, Elsewhere Is Stylish and Humorous But Lacks in Gameplay

After playing El Paso, Nowhere I was pretty excited to see where El Paso, Elsewhere would take the story and gameplay. It’s a cool idea, and an awesome visual style […]

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Return of the Living Featured Creatures: Chicago Horror Creators Share Favorite Fictional Terrors

It’s Halloween, and everyone’s entitled to one good scare. Lucky you. Third Coast Review has once again asked several Chicago area horror writers and artists for their recommendations on the […]

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Son of Featured Creatures: Chicago Horror Writers and Artists Share Their Favorite Chicago Horror Creators

Unless you’re an easily frightened tourist, Chicago is rarely considered a hotbed of horror. But as Third Coast Review has pointed out before, our town has a distinguished pedigree in […]

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Featured Creatures: Chicago Horror Writers and Artists Share Their Favorite (or Un-favorite) Scary Stories

Chicago and horror may not seem synonymous, but the city and surrounding area have produced a bevy of creators of chilling art and hair-raising tales. Author Ray Bradbury hailed from […]

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Interview: “His Darkest Shadow Self”—A Talk with Horror/Romance Author Rick R. Reed

Tell us a bit about yourself and your writing career.  It’s hard for me to believe my writing “career” has been going on now for more than three decades. My […]

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Third Ghost Reviews—A Collection of Horrifying Fictional Memories

Picture of the author

Hey! Remember that one particularly scary thing? You know… That terrifying tale you read or heard as a kid. That creepy commercial that came on late one night. That bit […]

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Night of 1000 Jack o’ Lanterns is a Botanic Garden Blockbuster

  It was only four years ago the Chicago Botanic Garden first displayed a gorgeous gallery of gourds on its grounds for Night of 1000 Jack o’ Lanterns. We were […]

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GALLERY: Night of 1,000 Jack O’ Lanterns at Chicago Botanic Another Sellout Success

A stroll through the Chicago Botanic Garden is a treat in every season. Whether it’s spring flowers, a freshly fallen snow or cherry blossoms in the Japanese garden, Wonderland Express […]

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Review: As Remakes Go, a New Suspiria is Ambitious, Thrilling and Sometimes Hard to Watch


The reason I’ve never been on the front lines of calling for a ban on remakes in the film world is because sometimes a director manages to take the remake […]

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Thirteen of Third Coast’s Favorite Scary Gaming Moments

As Halloween weekend comes to a close, you might be feeling a bit of sadness at the prospect of all the spooky fun fading. Don’t fret though, because Halloween isn’t […]

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Third Coast’s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Guide to Halloween Weekend

Maybe you’re an organized sort who’s been constructing costumes, stockpiling candy and making Halloween plans for months now. But maybe you’ve been navigating the choppy seas of seasonal changes and […]

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What’s Cooking at Third Coast? Halloween Pumpkins – Meatloaf Style

Before the kids head out to trick or treat, give them a hearty lunch or early dinner. These festive and tasty pumpkins are loaded with good stuff like ground turkey, […]

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