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Astri Snodgrass

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Interview with the Artists: Lauren Edwards and Eric Watts

In their recent exhibition Fanfare for the Times at Heaven Gallery, the Chicago-based artists Lauren Edwards and Eric Watts combined photography, projection, sculpture, and installation into a mysterious collection of […]

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Architecture, Art & Museums, Beyond, Installation, Painting & sculpture, Sculpture

Presence: David Wallace Haskins at the Elmhurst Art Museum

While exploring Presence, David Wallace Haskins’ first museum exhibition, you might laugh at yourself one moment and experience a rush of adrenaline the next. Situated somewhere between sculpture, painting, and […]

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Art & Museums, Design, Installation, Painting & sculpture, Photography, Sculpture

A Surprise in the Process: An Artist-Curated Show Exploring Chance

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Approaching the theme of chance from conceptual, material, and formal perspectives, eleven Chicago-based artists formed A Surprise in the Process at Chicago Art Department. Featuring painting, photography, robotic and interactive […]

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Art & Museums, Beyond, Installation, Sculpture

Claire Ashley’s “Lumpy Morsels, Hot Rocks” at the Cleve Carney Art Gallery

Spray painted in neon hues and silver grays, the inflatable sculptural forms in Claire Ashley’s ambitious solo exhibition “Lumpy Morsels, Hot Rocks” are reminiscent of aging bodies, saggy breasts, fat […]

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Art & Museums, Photography

Chicago Photographer’s New Crowdfunded Mural on View in the South Loop

The new photographic mural, Descending to Heaven, by the Chicago-based artist Darryll Schiff, is the first completed Wabash Arts Corridor project to be funded through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Installed at […]

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