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Review: Let’s Get This Bread—Top 5 Bakeries in Chicago

Review and photos by Lydia Schultz If you think finding good bread is easy, you’re wrong. Bread seems simple enough, but it takes substantial work to produce and find exceptional […]

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Review: Featuring Varied Animation Styles (and Lily Gladstone), Quantum Cowboys Impresses with its Ambition and Originality

If 2023 didn’t satiate your need to see Lily Gladstone be awesome in both The Unknown Country and her award-winning performance in Killers of the Flower Moon, you have one […]

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Review: Putting a Bit of Seoul Into Our Soul

Review and photos by Bruce Kong. What we know about Korean food can be summarized in a variety of recipes that include spice, vinegar and fermentation. Bulgogi, tteokbokki, and naengmyeon […]

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Review: You’ve Heard of Dinner Theater, Now Make Way for Brunch Theater—With Clowns

The article and photos are by Bruce Kong. Brunch continues to play a dominant role in the daily meal system, as a combined breakfast and lunch, it’s a blend of […]

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Review: Osteria Langhe Offers a Glimpse of the Piedmont Region of Italy in Chicago

This article is written by Bruce Kong. It is no surprise that Italian cuisine is a staple in Chicago; much of what we know about it comes down to the […]

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